The Next Level

Pauline is an absolute powerhouse who is on a rapid path of progression and enlightenment. That’s great for her; what’s great for those she comes into contact with is that when she shares her insights and wisdom people listen, take note and change. This makes…

Glen T. Campbell, Managing Director, Brandheart


Pauline Nguyen is a powerful communicator with a unique and compelling story to share. As a leading businesswoman, creative talent and community leader she engages her audiences with insights from a life lived deeply and fiercely. Her writings – whether in her blog or in…

Indira Naidoo, Broadcaster and Author


I had the pleasure of working with Pauline Nguyen when she joined the cast of our theatre work The Serpentʼs Table. This was a sold-out hit at Sydney Festival 2014, and its success was due in no small part to Paulineʼs powerful contribution. Pauline is…

Annette Shun Wah, Executive Producer, Performance 4a


Pauline is an extremely inspiring individual.  She captivated the audience of nearly 500 guests from the moment she took the stage. In the over 7 years’ experience I have had arranging and viewing speakers at our events, it is the first time that I could…

Emma Hoolahan, President, The Association for Women In Insurance


Long after Pauline Nguyen leaves the room, her existence will baffle you, while her insights will agitate you. If you are not careful, her purpose will mystify you. Her focus will distract you. Her energy will overwhelm you. Her history will exhaust you. And, her…

Jonar Nader, Educator, Consultant, and Author of 'How to Lose Friends & Infuriate People’.


Pauline is a mighty force of nature. A highly successful entrepreneur with a powerful message the world greatly needs to hear. Her leadership and wisdom is truly inspiring.

Siimon Reynolds, Advertising Entrepreneur


Pauline is a bold and courageous woman who is not afraid to think big in life.

Joseph Law, Author of Living Greatness (


I would rate Pauline Nguyen as one of the best speakers I’ve had the pleasure of listening to and working with.  Her passionate delivery about her early family life coming to Australia and subsequent business success was truly inspiring and thoroughly enjoyed by all in…

Matthew Hourn, Lawyer Director, Neville and Hourn Legal


The first time I heard Pauline share some of her inspirational story I was blown away. Therefore I was thrilled when she accepted the opportunity to speak for the League of Extraordinary Women community in Sydney. Pauline’s amazing achievements mean she is well equipped to deliver inspiration and…

Georgia Nides, NSW Crusader, League of Extraordinary Women and founder of Zoii Pty Ltd


As a marketing strategist I’ve worked with Pauline in the capacity of advisor and friend. With the hundreds of people I have worked with one-on-one, rarely have I observed in an individual such a pragmatic business sense balanced by integrity, honesty and respect. In my estimation, Pauline typifies the…

Alexi Neocleous, Marketing Strategist, CEO, Marketing Bump

Monday, October 24, 2016

‘Love and a cough cannot be hid’

    Bio Hack A-fest (Awesomeness Fest) in Mykonos was game changing in so many ways.  As a fervent disruptor of existing paradigms (especially those that are outdated, useless and make no sense), I rushed to apply.  The theme? Bio-hacking: Mind and Body. Yeah Baby! Out of…

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Resolution, Contribution and Purpose

resolution – noun -a firm decision to do or not to do something -a formal expression of opinion or intention -the quality of being determined or resolute So the new year has officially commenced, and like everyone else, I have set a number of resolutions….