“We do not climb mountains so that 
people can see us;  
we climb mountains so that 
we can see the world.”
--- Pauline Nguyen
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14-16 June 2019
Just outside Sydney
Early Bird Price: $3695
After April 1st: $3995
Feel like mindfulness is a load of crap? 
Frustrated that happiness isn’t happening no matter how much success you have?
Failing to level-up, but determined to breakthrough, even if it means getting outside your comfort zone?
Not into giving up swearing and wine, much less going vegan? Neither are we.  

There’s a better way to Awaken the Spiritual Entrepreneur 
It’s time to find your inner circle and become Fearless, Stress Free, and Unshakable in Business and in Life

Join Pauline Nguyen for an exceptional weekend uniquely geared to help spiritual entrepreneurs find more energy, courage and wisdom to transform your business and life from the inside out.
 14-16 June 2019 
Just outside Sydney 
Early Bird Price: $3695 
after April 1st: $3995
You will disrupt, transform, and revolutionize your mindset, heartset, healthset and soulset to embody the willpower and resourcefulness necessary to achieve the goals you once thought unattainable!
Do you have what it takes to Awaken the Spiritual Entrepreneur? Answer these questions to find out.
Does the word ‘spiritual’ kind of creep you out, but you’d like to try it if it would give you the competitive advantage and make you more of a badass?
Do you have questions and ideas after checking out Pauline’s new book, THE WAY OF THE SPIRITUAL ENTREPRENEUR, and want to ask her directly and meet her inner circle and other inspired readers?
Do you understand that you don’t have business problems? No, you have personal problems that reflect in your business, and you’re ready to get help and change.
Do you believe that it’s not enough to have business acumen, tenacity, and drive if you don’t also have acute self-awareness and self-understanding?
Do you know that you don’t have to chase opportunities, but rather, you become a magnet to opportunities when you’re in tune with your core values, and attuned with the frequency of new potential?
As an entrepreneur and business-owner, Pauline knows how valuable your time is. If you answered “yes” to one of, or all of the above questions, then you can’t afford to spend years searching for these answers instead of spending this one weekend with her to get on a fast-track to your spiritual transformation.

If you’re curious how the often overlooked and forgotten discoveries in cognitive science,
quantum physics, and biology can help you heal old wounds, improve communication both in the workplace and at home, be healthier, and awaken the connection between your heart, mind, body, and soul, then you’re in the right place.  
You are ready to awaken.

Pauline Nguyen is an award-winning author and award-winning restaurant owner - turned international speaker, spiritual entrepreneur and personal disruption coach. Having escaped Vietnam on a boat and survived a Thai refugee camp, she overcame adverse beginnings to transform her approach to success by re-engineering her beliefs, questioning the status quo, and hacking cultural norms. She wrote her second book, THE WAY OF THE SPIRITUAL ENTREPRENEUR (2019) because, through direct experience, she knows that happiness alone won’t solve your business problems. Shit will always happen. How else are you going to grow otherwise? She knows that you can’t get ahead in life unless you know how to become fearless, stress free, and unshakable in the face of any adversity or challenge. 
She also knows that reading one book, on its own, may not completely change your life, so she wants to give you more tools and experiences to fast track your transformation to becoming a spiritual entrepreneur.
For years, her audiences asked for a community and a way to learn more from her, so she created the Awaken the Spiritual Entrepreneur retreat to give inspired entrepreneurs a safe space to focus on themselves and turn off the external chatter. This will allow you to dig deeper and do the necessary work of examining the unconscious ways you’re holding yourself back and ask the right questions to achieve lasting transformation. The curriculum is designed so you can leave the retreat energized, armed with new knowledge and wisdom, connected to powerful mentors and peers, and ready to live deliberately… ready to live the abundant life that is your birthright.
There are four things that make this retreat one-of-a-kind:
First-Class Experience
  •  You will be lodging in stunning 5-Star beachside accommodations
  •  All your meals and refreshments will be provided for by our exclusive, award-winning chef 
  •  Wine pairings with the meals
Fast-Track Your Transformation
  •  Work directly with Pauline and her panel of vetted mentors, partners and peers so you don’t have to spend years searching for the best answers
  •  Dive deeper into the secrets of Mindset, Heartset, Healthset, and Soulset to align your core purpose and find fulfilment
  •  No boring meditations! Learn how to train your mind to access your subconscious to manifest your dreams, as well as revolutionary breathing techniques that instantly provide inner calm, courage and will power.
  •  Experience the ancient art of Qigong to release old blocks and open channels for energy to flow more freely
Community of Like-Minded Souls
  •  Expand your network and meet other wine-drinking, irreverent entrepreneurs and leaders who are deeply committed to expanding their consciousness
  •  Share your experiences and insights with a unique collective of entrepreneurs who will relate and probably have the same questions, so you’re not trying to transform in isolation
  •  This will be a ‘no-complainers zone,’ so everyone in attendance will be the right people in the room to uplift one another
Learn in an Interactive Environment
  •  Small, intimate group sessions for powerful in-depth learning and meaningful conversation
  •  Stimulating discussions that challenge, question, and re-engineer how you think about and approach your business and your life
  •  Create your personal path – your own personal road map for YOUR Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur.
Join us for Awaken the Spiritual Entrepreneur
 14-16 June 2019 
Just outside Sydney 
Early Bird Price: $3695 
after April 1st: $3995
(Price does not include airfare or transportation/transfers to or from the venue)
This is an exclusive event by application only to ensure that we every participant is aligned with our core values.
Very limited seats available for intimate small group atmosphere and to ensure that each guest receives a next level experience.
Reserve your spot today to avoid missing out!
Want some freebies with your retreat? 
Pauline wants the retreat to be everything you hope it will be and then even more. She is known for over delivering! She’s giving you this treasure trove of bonuses to make sure you will be on a spiritual pathway that includes support and accountability.
  •  Early-Bird Ticket Holders-ONLY get a pre-retreat FREE 30-minute coaching call 1-1 with Pauline
  •  FREE Enneagram Personality Profile consultation
  •  Everyone gets a FREE Spiritual Entrepreneur check-up call 1-1 with Pauline after the retreat
  •  Fast-tracked application to the Spiritual Entrepreneur’s Inner Circle
  •  VIP ticket for the upcoming Spiritual Entrepreneurs Round Table at Red Lantern
  •  Access to Pauline’s ‘Rolodex’ of Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Spiritual Teachers, Mentors, and Inner Circle
Valued over $2K, you get all of this for free as soon as you sign up for the retreat. 
The universe is on the cusp of a revolution, and you can feel it too, can’t you?
You know there’s more to life than being tired, anxious, overwhelmed and having no energy for anything but work. 
You’re ready to find out how so-called ‘woo-woo’ knowledge might give you the unfair advantage over your competitors —why not? You’ve been willing to try everything else, and nothing has stopped the constant noise of always having to put out fires and the creeping doubt that you might not ever be strong enough to breakthrough.
You want to taking on really big risks, but doubt and fear are creeping in.
This time, you’re not going to let them get the last word.
You are ready to Awaken the Spiritual Entrepreneur.
It’s as simple as filling out a quick form so Pauline can get an idea of where you are on your spiritual path.
You will be invited to purchase your ticket to confirm your attendance. Most clients enjoy using a credit card with points!
You will get a confirmation via email with a warm welcome. Closer to the date, Pauline will fill you in on everything you need to know, including location and itinerary.
Think of all the other ways you’ve spent weekends. Working instead of being with your family. Meeting one deadline only to run into another. Putting off that creative project you really want to do and instead doing what you think you have to do. That sounds like hell. This retreat is your ticket to more weekends spent the way you choose and on your terms. Let’s start together.

Oh, hi there! I see that you’ve scrolled all the way to the bottom of this page.
I am honored that you wanted to check out every detail. I only want you to come to the retreat if you feel a pull that this is what you need now to change your life. If you do feel that tug, then I have no doubt that we’re supposed to spend this weekend together for a reason. Let’s discover what it is!
It’s time to find your inner circle and become
Fearless, Stress Free, and Unshakable in Business and in Life. 
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