“You are naturally happier when you design your life consciously. Let me repeat that.
You are naturally happier when you design your life consciously.”
Pauline Nguyen
Welcome to Pauline Nguyen’s Guided Meditations for Entrepreneurs Who Think Meditation is Crap
It’s no wonder that meditation has a bad rap. It often gets lumped with ‘mindfulness,’ and the way it’s often taught, that leads you to get out of your head instead of going deeper to examine your inner-most thoughts and unlock power you didn’t even know you had.
“Oh,” you might think, “can meditation help me know myself better, improve my health, and increase my power to purposely design the future that I desire, instead of just making me breathe funny, feel silly, and be bored?” Yes, it can.
Remember that in business and in life, we are constantly faced with adversity and challenges. The way you show up in those times determines your internal harmony and external success. Playing the blame-game and victim card will keep you trapped in a state of lack and anxiety, but finding inner power instead transforms your emotional energy and allows you to discover the secret path out of an undesired position without fear, stress, or self-doubt.
How do you train your mind to go to optimism so quickly? Actually, meditation plays an important role. We meditate to train our mind and master our emotions. Training your mind and mastering your emotions will give you the competitive edge and the unfair advantage in business and in life.

“Badass Manifesters don’t meditate to get good at meditation 
— we meditate to get good at life.”
Pauline Nguyen
The main benefits are:
  •  Cultivating greater confidence, calm courage and fearlessness to conquer the natural ebbs and flows of life
  •  Feeling more focused and determined to get shit done
  •  Finding your center and getting grounded with ease so you’re unshakeable
  •  No longer sweating the small stuff! You can then focus on what really matters.
  •  Deepening your sense of connection with those around you to make you a better leader
  •  Increasing an absolute joy for existence that nothing can take from you
  •  Amazingly glowing skin to reveal your vibrance
  •  Increasing libido and sexual energy to enjoy more pleasure and deeper connections
  •  Managing your energy to decrease stress and avoid burnout
  •  Clearing brain fog to gain sharper mental clarity to solve problems
  •  Deep healing of the mind and body to perform in peak state
  •  Increasing intuition to be in tune and attuned to your environment
  •  More powerful super learning ability to better understand concepts and retain information
  •  Increasing power to deliberately design your destiny and manifest your future
All these outcomes put you in a much stronger position in business and in life to turn misfortune into good fortune.
“Personal development cannot happen unless personal disruption happens first”
Pauline Nguyen
Find Out What Others Are Saying 
About Pauline’s Meditations
“One word: Expansive. Pauline’s meditations make me feel expansive. Her voice is calming yet also enticing so I don’t feel pulled into sleepiness. Her use of binaural beats is subtle and work so well with her carefully crafted words which always have a stronger pull and are on point. Many meditations make me calm but often I am distracted because I cannot relate to the words. Pauline’s meditations are the exception - I feel like each meditation is written especially for me.”
- Lorraine Francis
“I find calm courage rising deep within me. When I practice Pauline’s meditation I sense that I am exploring parts of me that are priceless and invaluable. With Pauline’s guidance I am able to inhale calmness and exhale stress which allows me to access a mind state where I am willing to engage in my own self hypnosis and able to practice opening my heart wider to a more abundant life experience. It is a daily practice that I look forward to and appreciate deeply."
- Matt Jackson
“Pauline’s meditations work and they work in spades! The way Pauline uses her voice is fantastic. The quality of her tone allows for easy digestion of her messages. You could listen to her read the phonebook and it would be interesting.”
- David Bongiorno
"I feel as if Pauline has sparked a new journey for me to venture on. I feel more confident in myself and what I can accomplish both spiritually and in my actions I take each day. I’m looking forward to regular meditation and simply taking more time to reflect upon myself. Thank you, Pauline.”
- Harry Hillis
“I am so appreciative that this opportunity came my way. In just a few words, an experience with Pauline is most definitely food for the soul.”
- Victoria Wells
“I believe I'm speaking for the whole team when I say that an experience with Pauline is very inspiring and insightful. It sparked something in us all, and opened up our minds and hearts.” 
- Neea Laitala
Pauline created this series of meditations for herself, first. She, too, was frustrated by poor recordings that just featured lapping water and someone speaking softly about nothing relatable. At first, she blamed herself for not being able to clear her mind and really give them a chance. Sound familiar? Then, as she learned more about the heart-mind-body-soul connection and the way breathing and purposeful reflection, intention and introspection can unlock powerful revelations, she realized those meditations just weren’t up to the task. So, she decided to design her own and has generously made them available to everyone tired of warm, fuzzy, meaningless meditations and ready to actually make shit happen.
Her meditations feature a proven mix of visualization, hypnosis, N.L.P., psychology, and shamanic voice activation, combined with expertly crafted binaural beats. The recordings are all original scores of high-quality and professionally mixed.
The beauty of combining these technologies is that it dives deep into programming and reprogramming the subconscious to guide your mind, body, heart, and spirit into the intentional power state of each meditation.

“The secret to your future is hidden in your daily routine”
Pauline Nguyen
To get the most out of your meditations, follow these suggested principles:
  •  To master each meditation, and for life changing, long term results, listen to them at least once (maybe twice) a day for 30 days.
  •  Some days may be easier than others to get into ‘the zone’. As with everything, Meditation is a practice that needs to be cultivated. But I promise you, once it becomes a part of your daily routine, you will want to dive deeper and learn more about this ancient wisdom.  
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